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I truly love a good festival.  Tiny county fair, huge state fair, cultural heritage festival, Christmas market… you name it, I probably love it.  So I was overjoyed when we realized that we had no plans for Labor Day weekend, which meant we could go to Westfest.  I’ve wanted to go since I moved to Texas over 8 years ago, and we finally made it yesterday.  Here are a few pictures.


I love a hand-written sign


Czech Folk Dancers of West


Westfest royalty (my husband took this one)

food vendor

Wouldn't be a Texas festival without fried goodness. What's pickle coffee?

funnel cake

It's a funnel cake tradition.

midway ride

I was too scared to ride this as a kid (and as an adult).


However, I was a huge Tilt-a-Whirl fan growing up.

Westfest ends today.  West is about halfway between Dallas and Austin, so all of you North and Central Texas friends, you still have a chance to get some kolaches and beer!


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makings of a feast

We’re having friends over tonight, and my husband has been busy prepping while I’ve been working and straightening things up a bit.  We hit Central Market this afternoon, and they are in the midst of their annual Hatch Green Chile Festival.  We bought most of our supplies there, but we had to pick up some Mexican staples from El Rio Grande in our hood (barrio?) on the way back home.  Here is a feast in the making:

On the menu tonight: homemade guacamole with a bit of hatch chile, hatch cream corn, carnitas tacos with cilantro, onion, and lime, and avocado margaritas.  I’ve never had avocado margaritas, but I hear they’re delicious.

While I was sleeping in this morning (a shocker, I know, as I never sleep in on Saturdays!), my husband made the long trek to far North Dallas to pick up some Hypnotic Donuts.  As you can see from the picture above, we have already eaten two.  But there’s still four left for us to eat as dessert: 4 Chocolate– choc frosting, choc sprinkles, choc chips, choc drizzle; Canadian Health Care– maple bacon on maple frosting; Dancing Bears– gummy bears dancing in a circle, and Poppin Berries with a C– cherry pop tarts on cherry frosting.

Tonight is probably not going to do much for the state of my physical health, but I bet it’s going to do a world of good for my mental health.

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