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I truly love a good festival.  Tiny county fair, huge state fair, cultural heritage festival, Christmas market… you name it, I probably love it.  So I was overjoyed when we realized that we had no plans for Labor Day weekend, which meant we could go to Westfest.  I’ve wanted to go since I moved to Texas over 8 years ago, and we finally made it yesterday.  Here are a few pictures.


I love a hand-written sign


Czech Folk Dancers of West


Westfest royalty (my husband took this one)

food vendor

Wouldn't be a Texas festival without fried goodness. What's pickle coffee?

funnel cake

It's a funnel cake tradition.

midway ride

I was too scared to ride this as a kid (and as an adult).


However, I was a huge Tilt-a-Whirl fan growing up.

Westfest ends today.  West is about halfway between Dallas and Austin, so all of you North and Central Texas friends, you still have a chance to get some kolaches and beer!

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